Anterior Cervical Plating System

Low-profile cervical plate with superior visualization!

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Plate Features

Designed for Simplicity, Comfort, and Superior Visualization as One of the Thinnest Plates on the Market.

Low Profile Design

  • 2.1mm Plate+Lock Profile
  • Smooth Surface Optimized for Patient Comfort

Open Plate Architecture

  • Enables Central Visualization
  • Enables Graft & Anatomical Landmark Identification

Simple, One-Step Blocking Mechanism

  • Included at Each Level with Visible Lock Verification

Pre-Contoured Lordosis

  • Better Conforms to Patient Anatomy
  • Reduces Need for Intra-operative Bending to Simplify Surgical Procedure

Scalloped Sides

  • For Lateral Visualization

Screw Features

Multiple Screw Options Enable Hybrid Constructs.

Screw Options

  • Self-Tapping or Self-Drilling
  • Fixed or Variable Angle
  • 4.0mm (4.3mm Rescue)

Screw Angulation

  • Fixed angle screws have 10° of A/P angulation and 7° of medial angulation
  • Variable angle screws have up to 17° of A/P angulation and 14° of medial angulation

Sizing Options

The FORTOS-C Anterior Cervical Plating System Features a Variety of Plate and Screw Sizes to Accommodate Individual Pathology and Anatomical Conditions.

Plate Sizes:

Plate Length: Distance Between Screw Holes

Screw Sizes:

Works with ACTLIF™

The ACTILIF C Portfolio of non-integrated cervical interbody devices is proven to be a viable complement to FORTOS-C for ACDF procedures. It is available in PEEK and FLX™ material options.

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