7D Navigation

7D Navigation (EU Only)

The FLASH™ Navigation System makes image guided surgical navigation faster, more cost-effective, and radiation-free. As the first and only Machine-Vision navigation system that operates without radiation, 7D Surgical’s FLASH™ Navigation creates a safer and more efficient surgical experience for surgeons, staff, and patients without sacrificing efficacy or accuracy.


Eliminate Radiation

Because no intraoperative CT scan is required, the system eliminates the intraoperative radiation exposure to surgeons, staff, and patients that is normally required with navigation procedures.

Only visible light is used for registration, eliminating the need for intraoperative fluoroscopy.

Cut Registration

Thanks to high-speed 3D image reconstruction, the registration time is reduced from about 30 minutes to less than 30 seconds. The re-registration is possible in less than 10 seconds, creating a worry-free environment when the array is bumped.

Improve Accuracy

Improve accuracy to improve surgical outcomes. Quickly register segmentally regardless of patient position or movement. Generates real-time correlation between surgical tool interaction and CT images.

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