Cervical Interbody Device System

3D-printed porous titanium cervical interbody with 4-level clearance!

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Proprietary Design Featuring Unique 3D-Printed Porous Titanium FLX™ Solution

Learn More About the FLX™ 3D-Printed, Porous Titanium Material Technology Option for STALIF and ACTILIF Devices



FLX implants include a solid exoskeleton for added strength, along with a proprietary lattice scaffold designed to have a stiffness similar to bone. Reduced device stiffness is known to minimize stress-shielding and enhance the fusion process.


FLX implants include porous radiolucent sections with optimized density to reduce imaging artifacts—enhancing intra-operative visualization & post-operative fusion assessment compared to solid titanium implants.


FLX implants include a FUSE-THRU™ osteoconductive trabecular scaffold, bioengineered to allow the potential for bony on-growth and in-growth throughout the implant. This unique porous structure contains micro, macro, and nano structural characteristics designed to promote the fusion healing process by influencing cellular events related to the production of new bone.

Large Graft Area

The implant is designed with a large, open, concave graft containment cavity to maximize the volume of bone graft (allograft and/or autograft) material to better promote fusion.

Range of Available Sizes


A/P Depths

Anterior Heights

Posterior Heights





Multiple Heights & Footprints

The ACTILIF C FLX Interbody system consists of varying heights and footprint options to accommodate individual pathology and anatomical conditions.

Streamlined System

Single, intuitive instrument set including trials and inserters; Sterile-packaged implants for ease of use and reduced bioburden.

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