VERTICALE® WINX® (Not Available in All Markets)

The VERTICALE WINX System is a minimally invasive solution for degenerative thoracic and lumbar spine fusion procedures. The WINX are 3D-printed blades that transform Silony reduction screws into a Screw-Blade construct with a low profile and reduced density. This solution offers economic advantages without imposing any clinical constraints when compared to conventional MIS Systems.


Innovative - Highest Quality with Economic Advantages

The 3D-printed titanium modular blades are manufactured to the highest standards from premium materials, making them reusable for numerous surgeries. These blades easily attach to standard Silony reduction screws, instantly delivering a convenient 23mm reduction length. Furthermore, our comprehensive WINX Set includes 2-in-1 Instruments, effectively reducing instrument passes and reprocessing expenses, demonstrating our commitment to both innovation and cost-effectiveness.

Versatile - High Flexibility & Stability Intra-Operatively

To enhance stability, the WINX Tower can be attached either ex-situ by the scrub tech or in-situ by the surgeon, providing flexibility and control when needed. With the WINX Tower, correction maneuvers (e.g., derotation, compression, distraction) can be performed safely.

One Screw for all VERTICALE Systems – OPEN, MIS, WINX

The WINX System offers compatibility with a wide range of Silony reduction screws, including polyaxial, monoaxial, and uniplanar screws. This versatility facilitates the transition from minimally invasive to open surgery when necessary and seamlessly integrates with our intuitive Augmentation System, enhancing overall surgical flexibility and ease of use.

Navigation Instruments

Our system seamlessly integrates with most major navigation and augmented reality solutions. The universal adapter and multifunctional instruments simplify procedures, making enabling technology assisted surgery effortless.

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