VERTICALE® Triangular Fixation

VERTICALE® Triangular Fixation

Developed based on a proven treatment principle for triangular pelvic osteosynthesis: VERTICALE Triangular Fixation is a MIS solution for use in lumbo-pelvic, posterior pelvic ring and sacro-iliac stabilization procedures. Based on proven treatment principles, this system streamlines triangular constructs between the sacrum and the spine.

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Exceptional Primary Fixation

The VERTICALE® Triangular Fixation system ensures exceptional primary fixation through an innovative screw-in-screw technique, setting a new standard in pelvic osteosynthesis. In addition, the dual core iliac screw with a large 14 mm proximal iliac screw shaft enhances fixation in the iliac crest.

Simplicity in Every Step

The preassembled screws with washer or plate and a 3.2 mm guide wire for controlled screw placement simplify every procedure. Additionally, the SI screw with plate includes a fixed angle locking screw, delivering additional anti back-out support.

Unique Screw-in-Screw Technique

Postoperative screw loosening is frequently cited as a significant complication in pelvic osteosynthesis treatments. Therefore, the VERTICALE® Triangular Fixation system enables the placement of the SI screw through an opening in the iliac screw. This patented and unique screw-in-screw design greatly enhances the primary fixation of all implants.

Controlled Guide Wire Placement

A dedicated aiming device allows a controlled and predictable placement of a 3.2mm guide wire in the safe projection for the SI screw through the iliac screw into the sacral vertebrae.

VERTICALE® Triangular Fixation Brochure

For more details on the implants and the surgical procedure please download the surgical technique guide.

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