Developed based on a proven treatment principle for pelvic osteosynthesis: The VERTICALE SI Fixation system is intended for use in posterior pelvic ring and iliosacral stabilization procedures.

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Exceptional Primary Fixation

VERTICALE SI Fixation ensures exceptional primary fixation, setting a new standard in pelvic osteosynthesis. The quattro-lead thread at the proximal SI screw shaft enhances fixation in the iliac cortex, ensuring stability and reliability in posterior pelvic ring procedures.

Built-in Anti Back-out Support

The innovative design includes a plate with SI screw and fixed angle locking screw, delivering additional anti back-out support. Furthermore, the option of SI screw augmentation enhances fixation in the sacral vertebrae, adding confidence to surgical outcomes.

Simplicity in Every Step

The preassembled screws with washer or plate and a 3.2 mm guide wire for controlled screw placement, simplify every procedure. Additionally, the SI screw features a dual-lead screw threat with a 5 mm pitch for rapid screw insertion without compromising precision.

Enhanced Stability with Preassembled SI Screws

A unique and innovative feature is the use of a preassembled plate on the SI screw. This plate not only reinforces the SI screw's fixation in the lateral iliac cortex but also effectively minimizes the risk of postoperative screw back-out, providing enhanced stability and peace of mind for patients and surgeons alike.

VERTICALE® SI Fixation Brochure

For more details on the implants and the surgical procedure please download the surgical technique guide.

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