VERTICALE OPEN is the largest sub-system of the VERTICALE Platform. To date, over 200,000 spine fusion implants have been used worldwide. Users can select from multiple system configurations to meet their scalability needs. VERTICALE OPEN offers several options for rod reduction, derotation and screw placement.


Less can be More - with VERTICALE® OPEN, it is

VERTICALE OPEN allows users to optimize workflows and skip steps where it is safe. It was designed with experienced surgeons and OR teams to ensure ergonomic use. VERTICALE OPEN features bi-functional 2-in-1 instruments, led by its 'One for All' Screw Driver. The VERTICALE OPEN Screw Driver is designed to be compatible with any thoracolumbar screw in the VERTICALE Implant Portfolio.

Straightforward Augmentation

With VERTICALE Augmentation, users can improve screw fixation via a controlled cement delivery solution. The combination of fenestrated short-head and long-head screws with our user-friendly instrumentation prevents cement leakage.

Taking Stability to the Next Level

Efficiency in spinal fixation is our priority. Via VERTICALE Connectors, users gain flexibility. Designed to withstand strong forces and remain stable, VERTICALE Connectors make complex multi-rod constructs easy due to their low profile design.

Navigation Instruments

Our system seamlessly integrates with most major navigation and augmented reality solutions. The universal adapter and multifunctional instruments simplify procedures, making enabling technology assisted surgery effortless.

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