VERTICALE® Navigation Instruments

VERTICALE® Navigation Instruments

Our VERTICALE OPEN and MIS system seamlessly integrates with major navigation and augmented reality solutions. The universal adapter and multifunctional instruments simplify procedures, making enabling technology assisted surgery effortless.


Unparalleled Flexibility & Freedom of Choice

Our VERTICALE® Navigation Instruments are precision-engineered to provide confidence and control when used alongside enabling technologies to place spinal implants. These instruments have been developed to ensure compatibility with the entire Silony Spine VERTICALE Platform, providing surgeons and hospitals with unparalleled flexibility and freedom of choice.

Seamless Integration with Leading Enabling Technology

The Navigation Instruments for VERTICALE® Screw Rod Systems are designed for compatibility with the Medtronic StealthStation® Navigation System, the Medtronic NavLock™ tracker, and the Brainlab Navigation System, including Brainlab Universal Instrument Adapters (StarLink™). This aligns with our mission to provide high-value hardware products that are compatible with enabling technologies, ensuring accessibility for surgeons and hospitals.

Versatile Navigated Screwdriver Shaft: One Solution for All

The Navigated Screwdriver Shaft fits the OPEN Screwdriver, MIS Working Tower, and WINX Screw-Blade construct, all within a single, streamlined instrument set designed to support the entire VERTICALE® Screw Rod System. This simplifies transitions from MIS to OPEN when required, ensuring seamless compatibility throughout.

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