VERTICALE MIS is a posterior double rod fixation system for stabilizing the thoracic and lumbar spine. Like all other implants and instruments developed by Silony Spine as part of the VERTICALE Platform, VERTICALE MIS is a living system. We are constantly working to expand and improve the system in order to optimally meet the needs of patients, physicians and nursing staff.


The Superior MIS System for Trauma & Fracture Corrections

Instrumentation that is designed to withstand the demands of trauma and deformity correction. VERTICALE MIS offers comprehensive correction options for distraction, compression, saggital realignment and fracture-treatment at all levels, especially in complex cases.

Connection Strength that Holds up to 21Nm

The Top Notch design on the tulip head and a sophisticated locking mechanism on the working tower guarantee a very strong connection between the screw and the working tower that holds up to 21Nm torsional force. This strong connection is approximately 3 times stronger than comparable systems.

Simple Percutaneous Reduction Options

The internal rod reducer simplifies even the most difficult cases without compromising the incision size. It guides the rod within the working tower towards the tulip with a scale on the reduction adapter indicating the required reduction distance to the final position. Once reached, seamlessly insert, and securely tighten the set screw, all without removing the rod reducer.

Navigation Instruments

Our system seamlessly integrates with most major navigation and augmented reality solutions. The universal adapter and multifunctional instruments simplify procedures, making enabling technology assisted surgery effortless.

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