Demand More of Your Lateral Integrated Interbody System

The First No-Profile® MIS lateral Integrated Interbody system with compressive lag screw fixation.1*

* STALIF L is indicated for use with supplemental fixation.

Clinical Applications

Addressing Crucial Clinical Needs

STALIF L continues the 25+ year STALIF® heritage of innovation. Developed with prominent spine surgeons to address an unmet need, STALIF L meets the demands and complexity of minimally invasive lumbar lateral interbody fusion procedures.

Below: Intraoperative images taken prior to the addition of supplemental fixation; STALIF L is indicated for use with supplemental fixation.

Surgical Ease

Integrated self-tapping, self-drilling screws simplify implant immobilization with optimized screw angulation to provide strength and stability without interfering with posterior hardware.

Before STALIF L & After STALIF L

Recreate Segmental Alignment and Stability

Combining integrated fixation with implant lengths ranging from 45mm to 55mm, STALIF L implants seat across the entire apophyseal ring to recreate segmental alignment and stability.

Before STALIF L & After STALIF L

Restore Sagittal Balance

With a variety of footprint and height options available in 0 and 12 degrees of lordosis, STALIF L provides many options to restore anatomical alignment.

Before STALIF L & After STALIF L

Provide Indirect Decompression

STALIF L's implant heights range from 8mm to 14mm, providing indirect decompression to restore natural disc height.

Integrated Compressive Lag Fixation

Providing Constant Compressive Forces Against the Implant

Compresses endplates to cage and graft providing optimized segmental loading to support bone development in accordance with Wolff’s Law.

  • Easily-placed integrated fixation enhances stability
  • Self-tapping, self-drilling, cancellous lag screws
  • Provides No-Profile motion segment immobilization

Anatomic Design

Engineered to Maximize Opportunities for Fusion

Multiple footprint and lordotic options match patient anatomy for optimal endplate contact to aid in sagittal balance restoration and provide indirect decompression

Multiple Footprints

Multiple footprints for optimal endplate contact.

  • Lengths of 45, 50 & 55mm
  • Heights of 8, 10, 12, & 14mm
  • Lordosis of 0° & 12°
  • Width of 20mm

Bullet Nose

Eases insertion, particularly when osteophytes are present.

Pyramidal Teeth

Pyramidal teeth provide additional stability and resist implant migration in any orientation.

Clear Visualization

5 tantalum X-Ray markers indicate position on AP and Lateral images.

Large Graft Area

Optimized, Open Graft Window to Promote Fusion Throughout

Increases opportunities for fusion through the implant.

  • Large central graft window
  • No center rail to obstruct fusion mass

STALIF® Technology

A Member of the Revolutionary STALIF® Family

As a STALIF® Family product, STALIF L™ represents the “Gold Standard” in No-Profile® Integrated Interbody™ Technology. Based on AO principles of fracture fixation, STALIF® promotes compressive lag fixation that ensures biomechanical stability and secure graft-endplate contact in line with Wolff’s Law of bone remodeling.

STALIF® No-Profile® Design

  • Eliminates profile of plate, allowing for optimal load transfer within the vertebral segment
  • Spares tissue with smaller surgical envelope to insert implant and integrated fixation
  • Simplifies surgical technique to implant device

Above: Intraoperative image taken prior to the addition of supplemental fixation; STALIF L is indicated for use with supplemental fixation.

Horizontal Inclination

STALIF L™ screws are angled and biomechanically designed to direct axial forces along the long axis of the screws—significantly reducing bending moments and preventing de-rotation of the screw and / or screw back- out.

Midline Convergence

Centinel’s converging screw design and angles are biomechanically more resistant to screw backout compared to parallel screws. Additionally, midline convergence angles are designed to provide a more secure interbody construct.

Anti Back-Out® Screws

Our cancellous lag screws are designed with an Anti Back-Out® (ABO®) retention feature—utilizing a titanium split-ring for an added layer of security.

The gold standard in minimally-invasive lateral fixation, STALIF L maximizes opportunities for fusion by providing No-Profile, intradiscal, integrated compressive lag fixation.

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