Explore our versatile cage system for the lumbar spine:

A transforaminal, anterior, strictly ventral (ventromedial) or ventrolateral approach - Your versatile Solution!

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A Cage with Many Options

What sets the ROCCIA MultiLIF apart is its remarkable versatility. It offers the flexibility of two distinct implantation techniques: transforaminal access and anterior access to the vertebral column. Whether a strictly ventral (ventromedial) approach or ventrolateral ("anterior to the psoas") is preferred, this cage system empowers surgeons to tailor their approach to the unique needs of each patient, making it a standout choice in lumbar spine care.

Preparing the Fusion

The generously proportioned chamber in the cage facilitates an improved interbody fusion.

Rely on Stability

Anterograde teeth on the surface of the titanium implant ensure good primary anchoring of the cage to the spinal base and cover plates. A broad supporting surface ensures good primary stability and prevents subsequent sinking or collapse.

The Building Block for Reconstruction

The ROCCIA MultiLIF portfolio offers many cage heights and widths, as well as angles of 0°, 5°, 10° and 15°, so the disk height and physiological lordosis can be accurately restored.


For a more detailed understanding of the ROCCIA MultiLIF System, please download our surgical technique.

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