The Oyster cages are cervical interbody fusion devices designed for anterior single or multi-level interbody fusion. When combined with autograft or allograft, these cages restore intervertebral height and facilitate osteosynthesis within the spinal segment.


Precision Treatment Options

The Oyster cage offers both anatomical and wedge-shaped designs and can be seamlessly combined with an anterior plate. With a variety of shapes and sizes, the Oyster cage guarantees a tailored fit for each patient's distinctive anatomy.

Enhancing Primary Stability

Research has consistently demonstrated that rough surfaces play a crucial role in promoting cell adhesion. The presence of spike structures and teeth on the cage's surface significantly contributes to robust primary stability, effectively preventing potential migration. Furthermore, the cage frame itself exhibits a microporosity of 2-4 μm, creating the ideal surface roughness necessary to facilitate strong bone adherence to the cage.

Clear Visibility Under Imaging

The Oyster cage's optimal structure ensures clear visualization of the implant with minimal interference from artifacts. This enables a precise assessment of fusion and surrounding tissues.

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