The FAVO S-TLIF cage features an oblique lordotic angle and an offset bullet nose, to enable users to create an ideal saggital profile for their patients.


Developed for Oblique Implantation

FAVO S-TLIFs oblique lordotic angels, allow implant-endplate contact when implanted in a straight approach. The bullet nose allows users to place the cage without damaging the endplates.

Intuitive Application & Clear Imaging Visibility

FAVO S-TLIF was developed with a strong focus on user-friendliness. The color markings on the trial implant correspond to the labels of the implant to be inserted, simplifying the process.

Furthermore, shavers, dilators, and trial implants are equipped with X-ray markers for length verification during imaging.

The open-pore structure of the cage ensures excellent visibility of the implants with minimal interference from artifacts, allowing for a clear assessment of fusion and the surrounding tissue. Additionally, the side windows enable easy confirmation of the final cage position.

Implant Porosity Facilitates Bony Fusion

Literature data reports that pore sizes between 100 µm and 1350 µm promote bone ingrowth, especially when exceeding 300 µm, leading to direct osteogenesis.

Our 3D-printed cage is designed with state-of-the-art technology, featuring pore sizes ranging from 400 µm to 800 µm, and an average pore size of 650 µm. This design offers an open-pore cage structure with a mesh macrostructure composed of 73% air and 27% titanium, akin to the porosity of human cancellous bone (typically ranging from 50% to 90%).

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