The Dolfyn TLIF is designed for single or multi-level lumbar and/or lumbosacral intervertebral body fusion. When used in combination with autograft or allograft, these cages effectively restore intervertebral height within the spinal segment while facilitating osteosynthesis.


Unique Shape for Optimal Outcomes

The Dolfyn TLIF cage is uniquely shaped to ensure a secure ventral final position. It provides compact options as an intentional alternative to larger cages, accommodating various access approaches. The Dolfyn TLIF portfolio offers a broad size range, with five heights (from 6 to 14mm, in 2mm increments) and two widths (28 and 32mm).

Implant Porosity Facilitates Bony Fusion

The Dolfyn TLIF's pore size on average is 650 µm. This design offers an open-pore cage structure with a mesh macrostructure composed of 73% air and 27% titanium, akin to the porosity of human cancellous bone (typically ranging from 50% to 90%).

Clear Visibility Under Imaging

The optimal structure of the Dolfyn TLIF enables clear visualization of the implant largely without interfering artifacts.

This allows for clear assessment of the fusion and of the surrounding tissues.

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